Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tired of Turkey yet? Order some wholesome Tomato Sauce from the Singing Tomato!

Tired of turkey left overs?   Well, I have the answer for you!  Go wholesome, healthy Italian!!

I am taking orders for December!  Due to the holiday I have a limited menu to choose from.
  • Please have your below orders in by December 6th.
  • Unfortunately I cannot deliver anything this month outside the west side (i.e. between west of downtown and Bellevue.)  If you order and you are not in that area - we will need for you to schedule a pick up visit.  
  • Orders will be ready the week of December 10th.
  • To order please email me at

Menu Items for December:

Rosaria's Sunday Gravy:  slow simmered tomatoes, garlic, carrot, olive oil, onions, oregano and parsley!  So yummy!
Price - $7.00 per quart

Bolognese Sauce - a saute of red onion, carrots, and garlic in olive oil to release the flavors and then slow simmered with tomatoes and organic ground beef.  Add your own pasta and badda bing - you have a dinner in 8-10mins.  (also can be made with ground turkey.
Price - $15.00 per quart

The Luciano Meatballs!  - Organic beef blended with parmesan, onion, garlic, italian spices and an egg and then slow simmered in tomatoes all day like they did back in Brooklyn!
Price - $15.00 for 8 meatballs (organic beef)
Price - $10.00 for 8 meatballs

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