Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Favorite Summer Quicky Quick Lunch! Lettuce Wraps!

My new favorite lunch?  Quickie Quick Lettuce wraps!
4 big iceberg lettuce leaves
4 slices boar's head low sodium turkey (or your favorite cold cuts)
4 slices 40 cal 1/2 slice (I use Sarrgento) Provolone cheese (or your favorite cheese)
2t light mayo

Lay out a lettuce leaf and dab a little light mayo on the leaf - schmear around.
Then lay on a piece of turkey and a piece of cheese - roll up!  Yum!

It's super refreshing for summer plus - no bread carbs!  I thought it wouldn't be filling but YUM!  You can use any type of lettuce or cold cuts.  Enjoy!