About Me

am just an Irish/Italian gal from NY living in the south, trying to make great healthy food, in line with my heritage, on a budget and within my CRAZY schedule! I learned to cook from my mom, Aunt M & Nonna - not a fancy school - just the school of Grandma. I studied singing for 30yrs - so I sing and 
cook with passion - hence the Singing Tomato!

After a year of blogging about food, friends requesting I make the recipes on the blog and bring them to them or they just show up cause they know I am cooking up something good and prodding from family - I bring you the Singing Tomato's Food For You!  Personal Catering, Personal Chef and Pop-up Restaurant.  Custom made Italian food just for you!  My friend Chloe says, "It's so good it'll make you sing!"

Have a cooking idea or a new kitchen tool or a food product you want me to road test & review?