Wednesday, November 21, 2012

WAY EASY Green Beans - healthier than the casserole

I must confess, I have never liked the holiday tradition of green bean casserole.... Ok please don't fault me - just a taste thing. Also, with all the cream based soups in it & the fried onions - not sure how good for you it is... So I came up with this version and it tastes great and presents very pretty. You can use fresh green beans if you already have a steamer at home & have the hang of it. Me? I am not a steaming expert yet so....

2 steam in the bag green beans (the fancy long kind)
1/2 stick of real butter
4 cloves garlic minced through a press (if you are a garlic person, like me, use more)
S&P to taste

Steam the green beans as directed.
Meanwhile, back at the stove....In a large sauté pan or a fry pan melt your butter on medium/low. Once melted, add EVOO, and minced garlic, S&P. Sauté together until garlic is fragrant - don't burn. If you burn the butter - start over.

When beans are done, (this is why you need the large sauté pan) dump the beans into the sauté pan and toss to coat with the garlic butter mix. Once well coated put in your serving dish and serve.

Tips - this should take all of 10mins. So this will be the last thing you do before dinner.

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