Monday, May 14, 2012

Farmers' Market Finds and Gardening in Small Spaces

Well, I am doing a quick lunch hour post while I am home.  I REALLY wanted to get back on track with my healthy eating because I had been eating out all this week.  So I went to our local Saturday Farmer's Market.  If you live in Tennessee, like I do, you can go to this website Pick TN to find your local farmer's market.  I am sure a similar website can provide info for where you live.

They have great organic (cheaper than Whole Foods and on par with Kroger organics price wise), locally grown seasonal veggies, grass-fed organic meats, and organic dairy (i.e. heavy cream, half & half, butter, milk, etc).  This weekend my big find was a lettuce planter.  I had never thought to do this and honestly I thought lettuce was tender and hard to grow.  NOPE!  All you do is pluck off what you need, like you do with basil, for your salad or your sandwich, wash and eat.  Also, it makes a great outdoor center piece for your patio table while dining al fresco!
Isn't this super cute and it's sustainably edible too!
I just made a great turkey sandwich and went out and plucked off a romaine leaf, rinsed and topped my sandwich and OMG!  FRESH & YUMMY!!!

I know what you're thinking - I can't grow anything...I don't have space.  I live in a condo - no yard and I have planted patio pots with tomatoes, jalapenos, pole beans (thank you for the seeds work-friend Sheli!), basil, thyme, grapes (yes grapes), and lettuce.  You just need to work with the space you have.  Bloom where you are planted, as they say.  I try to find things that grow either up and viney or in pots well.

As far as the "I can't grow things" idea.  I kill all flowering plants - not sure why.  Veggies and herbs - I am good with.  I think you are one or the other.  If you kill flowers - try veggies.  You may find that not only are you great at it but you have a whole meal in your small space backyard!

Happy spring y'all!

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