Tuesday, November 15, 2011

FABU FOOD FIND! - Meals To Live frozen Entrees

FABU FOOD FIND! - Meals To Live Frozen Entrees! (Should be called Meals to LOVE!)

One of the things I also would like to use my blog for is sharing great food finds whether it be something at the grocery or a restaurant.  

As a busy working gal who wants to save money - $10-$12 a day for lunch is WAY outside my budget . So I try to find things in the frozen food section that I can take to work with me.  They may not be $2.5 but $5 is still half the price of lunch out and probably better for me.

A lot of frozen entrees are very processed, high in sodium, and I can't read half the ingredients.  Even the diet meals have these issues.  They may have less fat – but they are high in sodium and other things to compensate for taste (which I think we all can agree they are eatable but we don't rave about the diet meal we just ate) that can cause other problems, like still being hungry, in the end.  So I have been on a quest to find a healthy meal, whose ingredients I can read, that will keep me full for more than 10mins!

In that search, I recommend, unless you have been put on a specific diet by your doctor for health issues, look for things with reasonable/normal amounts of fat, low carbs, high protein and fiber and that you can read, understand ALL the ingredients on the list – and the shorter the list the better, and will in the end keep you full and satisfied longer!

Here is what the box looks like so you can find them at the grocery freezer section.
Today – I am happy to share that I have found a FABU FOOD FIND!  A new brand (I am guessing b/c I have never seen it before) “Meals to Live”.  I tried the White Chicken Burrito and it was super good!  No preservatives, Quinoa is used in place of rice to keep the carbs low (a whole grain that is the only one recognized as having a protein value.), whole wheat tortilla, black beans, chicken cheese and peppers.  It was spicy but not too spicy and it tastes like what you would get at the Mexican restaurant without the temptation of basket upon basket of chips!  I wasn't left hungry for a while after and it didn't taste like a “diet food”!  The taste is super yummy!  

As for how I cooked it, I think I would rather have used a conventional oven but microwave is fine in a pinch.  

With it's 5g Fat, 58 carbs, 15 fiber, and 17 protein it is a great balance for your body to keep you satisfied for quite some time.  Also there is not one thing on the ingredient list I can't read or understand.  Also, I used my WW points calculator and it only added up to 8pts+ so a great reasonable point value lunch!

Truly a FABU Food Find!  Find these in the frozen food section at the grocery!

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