Thursday, October 4, 2012

Make your own Spaghetti.....squash?

Ok - So I have avoided this since 1987.  My first go round with Weight Watchers and all diets there after - just cook up some spaghetti squash and replace your pasta.  I was like, "Are you kidding?!"  I am Italian - if it didn't have semolina in it - we didn't eat it.

Fast forward to 2012.  I'm no longer a teen who can eat anything.  I was told I needed to avoid ALL starches.. ACK!  Again  - I am Italian what is life without pasta?  What do you put your tomato sauce on?!  So I broke down last night and googled it.  "Spaghetti quash - how to cook."  I finally found one for the microwave.

This is what it looks like when you get it at the market.
Now let me tell you - you may be as skeptical as me.  I am not sure how one could be - I waited 20yrs to try this.  BUT, I swear you will regret your time wasted.  IT IS AWESOME!   I ate so much I am still full from last night.  I don't encourage gorging yourself as I did but you won't have the icky sugar rush, just that uncomfortable full feeling.

Now - not only was it fantastic - IT's WAY EASY!!! (way easier than making your own real pasta!)

Ok - here's what you'll need:

  • 1 spaghetti squash
  • 1/4C water

That's it for ingredients.

I used a casserole dish with a lid b/c you're going to steam this sucker.

Cut the spaghetti squash in half and then scoop out the seeds, like a cantaloupe, and toss them.

Then place one of the halves face down in the dish.  Add the water, cover and stick in the microwave on high for 11minutes.

When it's done, take the dish out and remove the lid - be careful because it will be hot.  Leave it sit uncovered for 5minutes.

Then, VERY CAREFULLY because it's hot - flip it over and take a fork and run it through the inside to pull out the spaghetti like threads.
Start at the top with your fork..
 ...and then drag downward to make spaghetti - super easy.
That's it!
Now the hard part - what to top it with?!  I put my low carb meatballs and sauce on it and TO DIE FOR!

Have extra left over - you can put it in the fridge for about 3 days.  Want to have fresh through the winter?  Make your squash and portion it out among freezer zip top baggies.  Then you can freeze for a few months.  Just take it out when you are ready and par defrost.  Then steam it for 2-5 mins (depending on the amount - don't over cook it will turn to mush).  You are good to go.

Please don't wait to try this - it is fabulous.  I was looking high and low for a pasta replacement and there is was in front of me all along.  YUMMY!


  1. What if you don't have a microwave?

  2. Hi Angela - I can only vouch for the microwave way b/c I tried it. However if you follow this link it shows you other methods. I can't vouch for the other methods as I haven't tried them.