Monday, September 24, 2012

EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! The Singing Tomato is cookin' for you!

Hello My Mater Friends!  So excited to let the full cat out of the bag - even though we all know I have been hinting because I can't keep a secret for nothing!  The Singing Tomato is expanding beyond just a recipe & foodie blog.  I am happy to say I am now offering the following services:

Personal Chef - I come to your home for a few hours and cook in your kitchen.  I make you a few meals that we can put in the fridge or the freezer, with instructions, and then I clean up everything and leave you with very little KP duty.  You come home to a clean kitchen and a full fridge of healthy Italian meals.

We meet previous to my first visit and discuss likes, dislikes, any allergies or special requests - such as all organic or all natural items.  You will choose how many meals you would like, the day you need me to come (I can come while you are at work like a little dinner elf and be gone when you come home) and go over our menu options.

A more comprehensive menu and cost page is forthcoming

Meal Delivery - You order off our soon to be released menu, you place your order and later that week, I will bring dinner to your door.  You can order just the marinara because you love homemade tomato sauce but don't  have the time to make it or order a full meal soup to nuts, as they say, delivered right to your door.  There will be a delivery charge depending on distance.

COMING SOON!   Pop-Up Singing Tomato Cafe - The commercial kitchen at the Nashville Farmer's Market is set among all the other great restaurants in the Market House and hosts "pop-up restaurants" like mine, as well as a place to cook the above.  My goal is to do a restaurant night once a month, including entertainment, where you can come and have a great night out or just sample the great dishes we offer.

I am still working out menus for each so that is forth coming.

I want to thank EVERYONE who has supported me over the last year, lifting me up with your complements on my cooking, and suggesting I offer these things to the Nashville community.

I know there are a bunch of Italian offerings in Nashville.  I believe that we will set ourselves apart by making traditional Italian comfort food that is holistic and a touch on the lighter side.  My goal is to use ingredients that are free of chemical preservatives (which is why we freeze our sauce and don't can it for delivery) and as close to organic on a regular basis but offer full organic upon request.  Make your favorite dishes in a healthier way - but also offer traditional options as well.

Your favorite Italian foods custom made just for you!   Mange!

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