Monday, February 27, 2012

Restaurant Review: Red Pony (Franklin, TN)

Well, in true musician style – we didn't make any reservations for our Valentine's Day dinner the Saturday before Valentine's Day but thought – let's go out.  We had been told by another couple we are friends with to try the Red Pony in Franklin, TN.  So we went there.

When we got there we were asked if we had a reservation, and of course we didn't.   Did they turn us away or tell us there was a 2hr wait?  Nope.  They suggested we go to their second floor because we could sit in the bar/lounge and still get the full menu.  We thought – let's try it.

So we go up there and it was pretty swanky.  We found two seats at the bar and the two bartenders were super attentive.  We had menus lickity split and the bartenders were very helpful in suggesting menu items.

Darren had the 20oz Ribeye (as you can see it was GINORMOUS!) which came with roasted potato wedges and a mushroom slaw like side.  Darren asked if he could replace it with asparagus and they said – no problem.

Isn't this GINORMOUS!!!
As you can see they forgot the asparagus – but not a problem....

I had the Shrimp & Grits.  It was just the right size – and DELICIOUS!  The grits were homemade garlic and cheese with a portobello mushroom sauce – SO GOOD!

When Darren could only finish half of he steak the bartender asked if he wanted a box and Darren said yes.  At this moment the Bartender realizes he forgot the asparagus and profusely apologizes.  When he brings back the box with Darren's left overs in it, there is a full serving of fresh asparagus inside.  A WHOLE second meal.  VERY nice.  

This was the bread pudding we have for dessert.  As I am sure you can assume – it was FABULOUS!
sorry - forgot to take the picture until AFTER it was gone...
Although it was a little pricey – it was a great experience.  Great food – Great service – Great atmosphere.  A great special occasion place.

For more info go to their website:

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